Gravesite Rules

Due to the cost of maintaining the cemetery, the Board of Directors gratefully appreciates your cooperation in complying with these rules:

NO ENCLOSURES: No fence, railing, curbing, framework or other enclosures can be placed on any lot. No decorative rock, gravel or other materials is allowed on any lot.

NO MOUNDS: No grading of the lots above the general level of the ground is allowed.

NO PLANTING: No planting of shrubs, flowers or trees is allowed. 

NO ZOYSIA GRASS: No planting of zoysia grass is allowed.

SHEPHERD'S HOOKS: Shepherd's hooks will no longer be allowed in the cemetery after June 15, 2017.

PERSONAL ITEMS: From time to time, such as after Memorial Day, any item left on graves will be removed and discarded. The Board of Directors does not take responsibility for returning any item to their rightful owners.

SAFETY: Board of Directors have the right to remove from any lot without permission from the owners any trees, bushes or any other objects that the board believe could cause injuries or could detract from the appearance of overall cemetery grounds.

These regulations are in accordance with the original Cemetery Deed. No director or sexton can give personal permission contrary to these stated rules without the full written permission of the Board of Directors. Please note that these rules may be changed from time to time as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors without written notice to lot owners.